This will give you the basic look at my arboreal viper cages. They are made from 1/2" hardwood plywood and are 16"X16"X24" deep. The door is 1/4" acrylic. I have painted them inside and out with several coats of acrylic paint. I designed and built them myself.

They are stacked four high, but can be stacked to any level desired. There is a space of 1.5" between each cage (vertically.) There is a vent in the top as well as one in the back. Each cage has an 18" fluorescent light in it. The lights are more for the plants than for the snakes and are on timers. The wiring and installation is my own design. If you want to try it, there is enough information in the photos to get you going; please don't ask me for wiring diagrams or minuscule specifics. The ballasts are affixed to the back of the cages and the starters are located to the rear of the bulbs.

The reason I wired the lights myself rather than using fixtures was so that I wouldn't have metal boxes taking up space and interfering with the aesthetics of the view inside the cages.

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I originally had the neonates in groups but found that it was just too difficult to keep track of which ones had fed. I am now putting them each in its own container. While this will take up a bit more space, I think it will be much better overall. Besides, I'd have to move them to seperate containers once they started getting some size on them.

I am using Sterelite Show Offs, the smaller size. They are 8" X 6.5" X6" tall and should be OK for the first 8-10 months. I'll affix data cards to the fronts of the boxes. The boxes cost $1.97 each at WalMart. I cut out the oval portion of the lids (which contained the handles) and covered the holes with screen. I used a hot-glue gun to affix the screen. I probably have around $2.40 invested in each cage, which is cheap enough.

The amount of time spent per container was probably 6-8 minutes, so it wasn't overly time-intensive.

The lids have a deep lip on them and clip on both sides, so escapes are virtually impossible. There is a slightly larger size of this box for $2.97 which could be used for arboreals of larger size, say up to 20" or so.